What doesn’t kill you make you stronger. So does Meychain

BTC drops below the $20k mark 2 weeks back at $24k after FED announced the inflation situation. In the upcoming time, FED will have 3 more updates under their meetings on September 21, November 2 and December 14. As a consequence, Bitcoin is expected to face many more difficulties.

➡️ Considering the current situation, this is both an opportunity and a challenge for MEYCHAIN

The challenge comes from the frozen market while the opportunity is the market thirst for truly valuable projects. Projects with no real value have gradually disappeared from the market and investors have also learned valuable lessons of how to protect their own money.

🌺 This is a great chance for Meychain to find our place with upcoming products in the near future: Tokenization Launchpad and Trading Platform🌺

To our dearest supporter, it is always our honor to have your accompany throughout the way!

Meychain Team



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